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SI Partnership

Welcome to SI Partnership. We're a boutique consultancy helping clients perform better on sustainability and wellbeing. 



If your company isn't maximising its performance on sustainability and environmental issues then you have a problem. You could be losing bids and work, not attracting or retaining the best people and leaving yourself open to prosecution.  We've developed industry leading policy, systems and strategies for some of the UK's largest construction companies and we know how to help your business become a success on sustainability.  Our USP is that we're also skilled at harnessing the power of your people to make this happen. Our stepped approach is outlined below.

We've developed sustainability strategy and policy for some of the largest construction companies in the UK including, Lend Lease, Carillion, Como and Morgan Sindall.  We've also worked with a number of SME's and projects to ensure they meet their sustainability targets and ambitions. Our strategy support is a stepped program based around the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Annex SL. We have been working with the ISO standards for over 20 years so you can rest assured we know them well.  Uniquely we also bring an in depth understanding of psychology this gives us excellent facilitation and team working skills helping projects to run smoothly and achieve their targets. 

Walsh Group

We supported Walsh in gaining ISO14001 certification, designed the EMS and low carbon solutions for them.  They are now recognised as a rising star on sustainability for structural engineering.   


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We are experienced trainers and able to develop and deliver a range of training on sustainability and environmental issues to meet client needs. Our classic courses include:

  • Awareness Training for Senior Managers

  • Systems Training for New Starters 

  • Inspiring Change in the Business

CIRIA Environmental Good Practice on Site

In particular we are proud to be members of the team delivering the Environmental Good Practice On Site training course on behalf of CIRIA.  This one day course provides delegates with an in-depth understanding of the environmental issues encountered on site and how to manage them effectively. You can book onto the CIRIA course here

BREEAM & WELL Assessments

We have a detailed knowledge of the standards and how they relate to construction.  We can act as either the WELL consultant, Accredited Professional or the BREEAM Assessor for projects. With several years experience on a large range of project types we can make sure you get the target you need. 


Wimbledon College of Arts

We managed the BREEAM assessment for this award winning project and acted at the projects BREEAM Accredited Professional.  The building achieved BREEAM Outstanding. 

Psychology for Environmentalists

(and professionals)

Psychology for environmetalist

If you want to perform at your best (and happiest) then sign up for our training below.  The insights you'll gain will put you on track to feel good and work well.    

Webinar for Environmentalists

We delivered one of their most popular webinars ever for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Entitled 

"The Psychology of Environmentalism: How to be an Environmentalist during Environmental Breakdown". It gives insight into new ways of thinking about the environmental crisis we face and how we can turn our perception of it from a disaster to a motivating challenge.  You can watch it by clicking on the link below. 


With our expert coaching you'll learn how to handle the stress of work and life in general, freeing you up to feel good and perform at your best.

Short Workshops

These seminars focus on on key aspects of psychology that will improve your wellbeing and performance. Each seminar combines a taught section and a hands on workshop section. 

One Day Workshops

The one day workshop combines four of the seminar workshop topics.  They give delegates an in-depth insight into how to improve wellbeing and effectiveness at work. 

Wellbeing on Site

It's simple, improving the wellbeing of your people improves the financial performance of your business. Our packages below will help you gain both of those benefits.

Wellbeing on site

Wellbeing on Site Guide

We co-authored the new CIRIA guide to improving wellbeing on site.  The guide is seen as the key industry document supporting companies in improving wellbeing on site.  We gained input from the industries leading practitioners from the UK's largest main contractors.  You can download a copy below. 

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Project Strategy Support

If you want your construction project to gain the benefits of improved worker wellbeing then you need a strategy.  From setting up the policy to monitoring the benefits we've got it covered. Our strategy support is a stepped program based around the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Annex SL. We we have been working with the ISO standards for over 20 years so you can rest assured we know them well.


We have a set of briefings on the key aspects of wellbeing on site. Each one brings new insights to educate your workforce and start the process of improving their wellbeing on site. 

1 Day Training

The in depth training day allows delegates to get to grips with the key aspects of wellbeing on site and develop a personal / site wide plan of action. Benefits include better staff retention, smoother relations, more effective working and improved performance.

About Us
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Sam Hall

Sam has a passion for helping businesses achieve sustainability and improve the wellbeing of their people. He has a proven ability to get results with over 20 years experience working for some of the UK's largest construction companies.  Sam is a full member of IEMA and a Chartered Environmentalist. He has a degree in psychology, an MSc in Environmental Science and a post graduate degree in psychotherapy and counselling. His key skills include training and communicating ideas in an engaging way, getting the best out of the people and teams he works with, developing strategy and policy that translates into real action, managing ISO14001 in a way that adds commercial value, and achieving targets that make a difference. 

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Anna Mackenzie

Anna is fascinated by the strategic and technical challenges inherent in the move towards sustainability. She has over fifteen years experience working in the built environment on BREEAM, energy strategy and technical guidance.  She studied Architecture to degree level at Nottingham University and specialised in sustainability in the built environment.  She is also deeply interested in food and nutrition and learning about how we can live and feel better in a way that's good for us and the planet.  

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Partner Organisations & People

We work closely with a number of partner organisations and consultants including.

Carl Hargreaves 

With a degree in philosophy from Oxford University as well as training linked to the great Krishnamacharya. Carl is our guru on wellbeing and adds and extra dimension to our work in this area by bringing a practical and person centered approach. 



Sustainability engineers with a difference, they combine intelligent design with a flare for creativity and expert communication.  We work closely with Etude on a number of projects this allows us both to expand our capabilities. 


Greg Chant Hall

Greg has a wealth of experience in sustainability leadership within consultancy, blue chip finance, project development and construction companies.  He understands how to create lasting value and deliver sustainable benefits.


How we work

Collaboration is key

We're believe in a person centered approach to business where a great working partnership is the key to success.

Bespoke proposal

We'd be happy to discuss your project or ideas and develop a bespoke service proposal for you. 

Personal support

We're a small team so you always get personal support from the directors. 

Cheltenham based

We're based in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds and able to work on projects across the UK.

What our clients think


About Us

MACE (Como)

Walsh Group







Training Manager

"SiP did a great job, they gave us much needed strategic direction and a real boost to our marketing and bid work"

"SiP have helped us become one of the best performing structural engineering companies on sustainability

"Sam is a great trainer consistently getting the highest possible client satisfaction scores"


Psychology for Environmentalists

Services WFE
  • Short workshops
    The short workshops give delegates a grounding in a key topic in a short amount of time. The workshop topics are listed below.  Each workshop runs for an hour and a half with approximately 45 minutes for both the presentation and workshop elements.  Bespoke content can also be developed. 

  • One day workshops
    The one day workshop is made up of up to four short workshop topics and gives delegates an introduction to a range of issues and an in-depth exploration of personal wellbeing and effectiveness at work.  

  • Coaching
    The one to one coaching can be either face to face in London or by phone.  A minimum of 6 sessions are required.  These can be run on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Each session is 50 minutes long.  An initial 20 minute call or meeting is free of charge.  The outline topics and objectives for coaching are agreed during the initial session and the workshop topics below could form the basis for the sessions.  Part of the coaching process will be the opportunity to reflect on the topics & other issues outside of the coaching sessions and bring thoughts and reflections to the sessions.  We work from an integrative stance drawing from humanistic, existential and psychodynamic theory as well as ecosystems theory and ecotherapy.  All discussions are strictly confidential and clients will have access to any notes or records kept.  All notes and records will be held in accordance with GDPR and anonymised. The aim of the coaching is to improve personal wellbeing and effectiveness through the exploration of personal issues.

Understanding eco-anxiety 


  • What is anxiety all about – a range of theories

  • What is eco-anxiety

  • How we process anxiety in the body

  • How we process anxiety in the mind

  • Tools and techniques to help us cope with feelings of anxiety

  • What anxiety can tell us about what we value in life


  • Personal reflection on anxiety & eco-anxiety 

  • Group feedback - the similarities in peoples experience, next steps, from anxiety to action

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

Dealing with environmental loss and change 


  • Exploring the psychology of loss and change

  • Environmentalists unique sense of grief and loss

  • Models of grief, loss and change

  • Change and loss from an ecological perspective

  • Inter-generational loss and change - shifting baseline

  • How to use feelings of grief, loss and change in a functional way


  • Personal reflection on change, loss and bereavement – letter to….

  • Group feedback and reflection on functional and dysfunctional responses 

  • Personal reflection – letter in reply

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Developing your connection to nature


  • The body and nature

  • The human animal our place in evolution and ecosystems

  • The benefits of being in nature

  • Patterns and relationships in nature

  • The mind and nature

  • Solastalgia & Biophilia

  • How to access nature to improve our sense of wellbeing 


  • Personal reflection on good times in nature

  • Group feedback on how we value and access nature 

  • Developing a personal plan for connecting with nature


Dealing with stress and workload


  • Exploring what stress is, theories and perspectives

  • Understanding stress from a psychological perspective

  • Understanding stress from a physical perspective

  • Key to time management

  • Key to project management


  • Identifying how you handle stress

  • Feedback and planning out what you could change 

  • What support do you need from the team

Happy Children

Communication skills for environmentalists


  • The psychology of communicating environmental issues

  • human communication biases and foibles that make it hard to change

  • Confidence explored

  • Active listening

  • Non-verbal communications

  • Being friendly, clear and concise

  • Empathy & open mindedness

  • Fairness, inclusion and respect

  • Feedback (positive & constructive)

  • Picking the right mode of communication


  • Confidence quiz (individual)

  • Pairs role play scenarios

  • Group feedback & skills mapping


Leadership skills for environmentalists


  • Leadership explored, the many myths around what makes a leader

  • Leadership styles the pro’s and con’s

  • Who is the leader?

  • Key leadership skills - Enabling, helping, supporting, listening, resourcing


  • Personal reflection on what makes your favourite leader good

  • Myth busting quiz & Identifying your leadership style 

  • Developing your action areas & Group feedback

Girls Lying on Ground

Initiating environmental change 


  • the principals of behavioural change

  • Negotiation and persuasion explored

  • Values, attitudes and behaviours 

  • Identifying needs and wants

  • Clarify issues, Identifying common ground & sticking points

  • How to be assertive not aggressive

  • Compliments & Mirroring

  • Names & labels

  • Careful listening

  • Understanding & controlling the context

  • When to compromise

  • Clarifying the agreement and deadline for action


  • In pairs – negotiating scenarios, is the world flat?

  • Group feedback - what to work on 

Dog's Portrait

Dealing with difficult conversations and confrontation


  • Preparation and dealing with anxiety

  • Identifying the problem

  • De-escalating emotions

  • Identifying the objective

  • Creating the right mindset

  • Conflict resolution

  • Maintaining the relationship

  • Consistency


  • Individual, Conflict resolution styles (Meyers-Briggs, Thomas-Kilmann) 

  • Group, Case studies and group feedback / reflection

Man with Basket

Creating a wellbeing vision and action plan 


  • Creating a vision of ‘wellbeing’

  • Identifying core values

  • Choosing our attitudes and behaviours

  • How to form new habits 

  • Principals of action planning – turning vision to action

  • Tools to improve physical & mental fitness

  • Using nature to aid wellbeing


  • Individual: Developing your vision of wellbeing (Gendlin exercise)

  • Outlining your vision & action plan

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